…and a million sisters

You know what I love about “Five Brothers and a Million Sisters?” Well, everything. I love that Joe wrote a song about the way we love the New Kids, and the way they love us, and the way we all share a bond that is essentially inexplicable to the rest of the free world. It literally made me cry every time I heard it for the better part of the first year that I had it.

It’s something about the lyrics, the nostalgia of it all…I’m not saying that the only reason I love the NK is because of the nostalgia, it’s just that (as I think I’ve said before), it wasn’t until the reunion that I realized that the bond we share isn’t just with each other because we love them, but with them, too, because they feel the same way. Donnie says this sort of thing a lot on Twitter, but when Joe put it into a song…brilliant!

“Tell your mama and your sister too,
the New Kids are coming back for you
In my heart I knew you’d never forget
But to see you again like this makes me feel
Like I’ll never be alone…” (more…)

Edited: October 19th, 2010