Who am I?
Call it what you want, but I call it love.

My name is Stacy, and I’m from Napa Valley. I’ve lived all over California (NorCal, LA, San Diego) and currently write music reviews (among other projects) around the SF Bay area.  You can find my work at StacyScales.Com.

I spent my “college years” crashing Hollywood parties and awards shows.  In my late twenties, I decided it was time for me to go back to school.  In less than two weeks, I had packed up my entire life, moved home, and was sitting in class.  I never regretted this decision; I believe it all happened exactly the way it was supposed to.

I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at UC Berkeley. Someday I may go to grad school, but I owe it to myself to first pursue my dream of being a writer.  I have been writing stories since I was a little girl, and thanks to Jo Rowling, I’ve realized that I’ll never know if it’s what I’m meant to do if I don’t first try!  (And I never did catch on to that whole “giving up” thing, either…)

I can’t imagine life without music.  I swear, when I die, they’ll find a metronome where my heart should have been.  It feels appropriate that even my last name is a musical reference. Excluding the obvious, a few of my favorite musicians include Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Queen, David Bowie, and Pink. I’m a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors (the Bay Area’s NBA team, for those who don’t follow sports), having grown up in a family that was fortunate enough to have season tickets; I started going at a really young age and have loved the game ever since. (And yes…I bleed blue & gold!)

For a really long time, I thought I would never have close girlfriends.  Thanks to an ever-developing self-awareness, Sex and the City, and a little time and effort, I can hardly remember what it was like to feel that way.  My “sister” and I have been friends for over 3 decades (which is why I call her a sister…after 30 years I upgraded her to family), and most of my close friends are amazing ladies. I consider my close friends to be my hand-picked family members, and I’m grateful for each of them.  I know how blessed I am to have such a support system, and would be utterly at a loss without any of them.  To find just one person who truly “gets” you is invaluable – I’ve got several.

I am admittedly obsessed with grammar, spelling, and languages.  Things like “would of,” “I could care less,” “Bill and I’s relationship,” and “fee’s” make me crazy! Ever since I was a kid, I have been into language.  My first linguistic love was French, and now I also speak a fair amount of Spanish (thank you, California!), as well as some Japanese and Russian.  I’m always asking for help learning “please,” “thank you,” yes,” “no,” and “you’re welcome” – they definitely come in handy!  I know – I’m kind of a geek that way…

I love to travel – anything from hopping in the car for a quick weekend road trip (isn’t that what playlists are for?) to travel abroad.  My favorite thing is when I can be mistaken for a local in a new place – being asked for directions is always a compliment.  (Even more so if you know where to tell the person to go!) If I’ve piqued your interest, you can find my travel blog here: Travels with Toaster! I also chronicle my adventures in cooking (and baking, and cocktail-making), which can be found at R O C K I N this K I T C H E N.  (NOTE: sadly, I have to focus my energy on just a few things at a time, so at the moment both of the aforementioned blogs are a bit neglected.  But I hope to come back to them again one day!)

I’ve been writing for the Bay Area’s best music blog, Spinning Platters since early 2011. Basically, I get to go see a lot of shows, have a blast, sometimes get perks like photo creds, and I just take notes and enjoy, and the next day I write a review. I love this gig, and you can watch for more like this from me in the future. (And here to read my piece on Jordan Live & Unfinished in San Francisco.)  It’s very recently led to an even more exciting opportunity: I’ll be working with former Color Me Badd lead singer Bryan Abrams (and another writer) to create his biography.  I’m very excited about this project; I can’t wait to get started!

Keep in touch: follow @LivinOnTheBlock on Twitter! If there’s anything I missed, just email me!