Welcome to the future Neighbors page! I’ve recently being trying to figure out exactly how to do this…what I want is to allow other BH sistas to email me their own thoughts and stories of how the New Kids have impacted/touched/saved their lives and post the best ones here. This site is about my story, but it doesn’t have to be just that. If it wasn’t for the NKOTB (well, okay, and Twitter), many of us wouldn’t have the special relationships that we do today. I want to celebrate that, and okay…I just want to read your amazing stories. It’s really something special we share with each other, and I get emotional every single time I read a sincere and heartfelt “thank you for sharing your story” or “I can so relate to that!” comment about my own journey through life with the New Kids. Now it’s time to open the floor to the rest of you. Who’s with me?

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My sista Alex tweeted this to me today and asked what I thought. My response was that I loved it and wanted to share it with you guys. Feel free to leave comments and I’ll get them to Alex, and send me your own stuff, too!

So, today @belladawna asked me why I was a Jordan Knight girl…

Well, there is countless reasons, but I will state the most obvious ones here:

I may be a hopeless romantic and many people may gag or think I’m super corny after reading this, but this is how I feel: What this guy’s vocal abilities do (have done) to me (for the past 22 years) is unreal.
He is the only one that has the magical ability to make me happy just with his voice. It never fails: Jordan sings “I’ll be loving you (forever)” live and I turn to mush. Chills, tears start falling…you get the point. When he sings, he touches my heart in ways that only he can do. So heart-felt, so beautiful. Whatever he is trying to transmit, I totally get it. I just love his passion on stage. I have this one song that instantly makes me feel better when I’m down. (“Close my Eyes”…so soothing…works like a charm)
He is so incredibly talented. I really admire all his work. Just amazing…whatever he does, he does it so well. Love his perfectionism and professionalism.

His sweet and funny PERSONALITY or at least the little part we get to know on Twitter. I’m a big dork and he is kinda goofy too (muaahh…sorry JK if you read know I love you). He just cracks me up with all those charmingly crazy things he says or does (good example: The lost shoe video or the Brian McKnight video haha…you can’t tell me that it didn’t make you smile.)
The way he lovingly addresses his supporters and makes us feel more than just fans. He lets us get a bit closer and even considers us “friends”. He is such a gentleman. I feel that he cares and like how he makes us feel special. Why??? Which other star would post a discount coupon for their own CD? So many examples of his thoughtfulness: i.e. He is trying to resolve the credit card chaos for his VIP release party upgrades..those are just recent examples, the list goes on and on..

His extremely sexual DANCE moves…Ima keep it clean, y’all know what I mean…gotta love the way he moves those hips though. To date, I’m in still in awe when I see him “workin’ it” on stage. (He’s the born performer…his energy is so infectious.) I’ll always remember my first time NKOTB concert (5/1/1991, Munich Germany) when I saw him do his “thing” and my 13-year old jaw literally dropped. NOONE else dances like that…NO ONE!!!…he didn’t seem to have any bones in his almost rubber-like legs. and then of course the 1999 GITY choreography. Unreal!!!

Last but not least: His next to perfect LOOKS. He is smooth and sexy; there is no denying. Come on, I’m not shallow, it is just too obvious to overlook:
I don’t believe there’s anyone who could resist those beautiful warm brown and sexy eyes. If you have had the pleasure of looking into them, you will agree: when he looks at you, the world just gets a whole lot better. LOL I know I am corny…so what?
He has THE most adorable dimple when he flashes this dazzling smile of his…
His body is not so bad either (Okay, understatement of the but just look at him…I love how modest and down to earth he is…just adorable, I also totally dig his sense of style (nice kicks!) and there is so many more attractive qualities like his family values (love the tweets about his boys!) BUT
I better stop before you all unfollow me..I swear I’m not BSC just very admiring and impressed. He was my first crush and I chose the right guy..he still wows me. He is so well-rounded and just an over-all very cool and sweet guy (at least every time I met him one on one.)
I think you all kind of get my point of view.. yes, I do like him quite a bit. Thanks for letting me pour my heart out…Jordan, please never change!
Much love to all of you from this Bloquita for life ~
Alex 🙂

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