don’t be afraid if you’ve got somethin’ to say

Alright, friends, I have a question for you. First, let me say this: I’m not asking you to just shout out the first things that come to mind. I want you to roll this question around in your brain for a day or two (longer, if necessary). If you need to, come back and reread this a second time after you’ve digested it, and then give me your answer. When you read my question, you might be surprised by its simplicity and think I’m a tad dramatic, but that’s ok. I want really great, sincere answers and I hope you won’t let me down.

Imagine you find yourself in a moment with the New Kids. You won’t be interrupted, and there aren’t a great many distractions in this moment. Everyone’s in a good mood & feels comfortable to converse like normal people (including you). The catch? You can only ask one question. You can ask them as a group, or one of them individually. Don’t waste it on “will you marry me,” “what’s your favorite color,” “boxers or briefs,” “what kind of cologne do you wear,” or any of the like. Chances are, if you’ve been a BH for any real length of time, you know the answers to most of those (and frankly, if you’re like me, those aren’t the pressing matters in your head for which you’d waste so rare an opportunity).

(Oh, and please don’t tell me about the things you’d like to do with them if you found yourself alone with one/all of them…I’m sure that’s true, and most of us tweet it now & then on Twitter, which is fine…but I’m being serious. I’m not asking what you’d do, but what you’d ask.)

With all this preface….lemme have ’em. You can post your replies via Twitter, the comments section here on this page, by email,, or on the Facebook page – your choice. But if you’ve ever been tempted to respond to something I’ve said or asked, this is the time I’m asking you to give this some thought, dig deep, come original, and then lay it on me. I can’t wait to read them.

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