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Maybe it’s just me, but… I always get this nasty, sick-to-my-stomach feeling all day when I’m waiting in line for a general admission event. Do you guys know what I mean? It’s the worst. I’m old school; I’ve never paid for a meet & greet with anyone in my whole life. I don’t plan to start now, so I’ve managed to do without 4/5 star events just fine, although it often means sacrificing an entire day (in Vegas, in some cases) to wait in line. All day while I’m there, aside from often suffering extreme bouts of boredom, is this sick feeling of anticipation. Partly, I think it’s just excitement for what’s about to come. Partly, though, I know I’m dreading the drama that will inevitably ensue when someone tries to (or manages successfully to, whichever the case may be) cut the line toward the last minute, pissing off all those of us who’ve been there alllllll day, often resulting in a lack of much sleep, food, water, and definitely any real entertainment. Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but it’s an awful feeling. Its only remedy? The typically great big payoff of finding yourself only a handful of rows away from the stage…nothing like it. And suddenly all the boredom, having to pee, lack of sleep, tired feet, etc, all vanish from your mind and the world is right again.

Why am I rambling about this? Because I’ve had that feeling all week in anticipation for the onsale of the 2011 cruise tomorrow! This is the first chance I’ve had to go, because Cal had designs on me (translation: finals in ’09, finals & graduation in ’10) both of the previous years. This year, though, wild horses couldn’t keep me from doing everything humanly possible to get on that boat. I’ve stalked the amazing thread of Q&A on Ning, as well as pored over every last post of Katie’s NKOTB Summer Blog from the past two years. This year, she’s not going. Bummer – I feel like I know her after all that reading! In her stead, though, I’m told several of us hope to blog the experience. I’m hoping somehow we can meet up on the boat and kind of compile our stories/link each other’s sites so that anyone who has to miss the cruise will have a really amazing, comprehensive play-by-play and will be able to feel like they were there, too.

Suffice it all to say that I’m beside myself with excitement about the thought of getting on that boat. I know it’s nine months away, but it’ll go fast, and there’s no guarantee that there will be a cruise in 2012 (but here’s hoping, of course). This time, I’m not messing around; I’m not taking chances. I live my life by the principle that the only things that are worth regretting are the chances we didn’t take; that things we’ve done have taught us and so they’re always worthwhile in the end. It’s the things we look back on, wishing we’d gone for, that bring the most sorrow. In life this is true – when it comes to the New Kids, even more so because you never know how much longer we’ll have them (as a group, I mean). Hence the reason for the title of this post: I had reasons that caused me to miss the past two cruises, and they were good ones. This year, though, I have my BA and I mean business! Let’s get to it (or should I say, let’s get this)!

I’d love to meet some of you guys! Please leave comments and let me know if you’re planning on going (or if you’re reading this after the onsale, if you’re confirmed). I’m so excited! Good luck to all trying to reserve tomorrow – keep keepin’ on!

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