the look that got me twisted still hasn’t changed…

They call us (among other things), Blockheads. (And while, to me, there is a difference between us lifelong residents and those who’ve just moved back to the Block…I digress.) For many of us, Twitter has been an amazing blessing. It’s like a non-stop afterparty – most of the New Kids are on at least once a day, and we’ve never had a chance like this to be in such close touch with them, especially on a daily basis and while they’re not touring. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. (I do that.) In the past year and a half (maybe 2), I can’t count the number of times Donnie has made me cry. It’s usually hard to explain why, but it’s just something I’ve loved about him my entire life – his true, genuine love for making others happy. How blessed we are to be the ones he aims to please…again, my gratitude is boundless. Some days he’s just encouraging us on through the “hump” till Friday, some days he’s gushing about how much he loves us. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that the almost inexplicable love we Blockheads feel for the New Kids is, in fact, exactly as they feel for us. That’s both appropriate and humbling. And this week, a stream of tweets made me feel I needed to share. Here’s an example of why I love Mr. Wahlberg, and Twitter, and the connection it provides us to him:

“I suppose, in way, its like this…”

“If you ever lost a dear friend and never got to say all the things you wanted to say…”

“Then for years you could only dream about what you would say if you had a second chance…”

“You tell yourself… If I could only do it again… I would tell that old friend that I love them every single chance that I could…”

“But you know this will never be possible…”

“Until one day… That old friend returns to your life… At a time when you need them most…”

“That is who we are…”

“You all and us… Together!”

“And I will tell you all that I love you, that I appreciate you, that I am with you always… EVERY SINGLE CHANCE THAT I CAN.”

“And I will cherish the love you give to me… Every single day!”

“For in each other… We have found a bond like no other. Let us continue to honor it and nurture it and cherish it… For it is a blessing.”

“I LOVE YOU. So much.”

GOOD GOD. There wasn’t room in my heart for the love that welled up in it – it had to expand like the Grinch in the cartoon. I just had to share. And if you’ve ever seen this page, Donnie, you know the feeling is mutual. More than I could ever say. I love you, too.

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