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you’re talkin’ to my heart without makin’ a sound

Prior to waking up on Sunday morning, two things happened: we debated at some length about whether or not we even had a ton of interest in getting off the boat and seeing Nassau (without making a final decision), and we forgot to make decisions on our room service breakfast for the following day. Because I made it back to the room before Michelle & Donna, I hastily scribbled a few choices down on the room service list, stuck it on the door before 5 am, and forgot all about it. (By the time they came back 10-15 minutes later, it was gone, but they were both just happy to have anything in the morning that was ready to go, so yay!) Read more →

just straight to business…

Maybe it’s just me, but… I always get this nasty, sick-to-my-stomach feeling all day when I’m waiting in line for a general admission event. Do you guys know what I mean? It’s the worst. I’m old school; I’ve never paid for a meet & greet with anyone in my whole life. I don’t plan to start now, so I’ve managed to do without 4/5 star events just fine, although it often means sacrificing an entire day (in Vegas, in some cases) to wait in line. Read more →