somebody’s still talkin’ junk…

To be clear, this is a post I wanted to write long before the events in recent history that have brought at least one NK to the attention of celebrity-gossip-mongers. I want to start by getting right down to the heart of things: isn’t there a statute of limitations for talking shit? Isn’t nearly 25 years plenty of time for a group to have existed and proven themselves so that members of the media wanting to take potshots can have moved on to some other poor unsuspecting soul?

By now, most of us BHs who’ve been around for any real length of time (see previous post) have likely developed skins that are thick enough that we’re not really bothered by it much these days. The point I always try to make is that I’ve been a fan for so many years, I’ve heard it all. I actually think I have a better case for making fun of whoever’s trying to make fun of me by pointing out how tired, lame, and dated their “you like the New Kids?!” material is. I usually win, because if they do stop to think about it (or anyone else around does), it’s pretty obvious that they don’t have much wit. I know Joe likes to call fans “bravehearts” for their battle scars over the years of defending ourselves (whether to Joe himself or to others is still unclear), and I appreciate that. But I digress…scars or no, the fact remains that this “joke” is way past its expiration date. By the way, when I say “this joke,” I mean any kind of joke that tries to embarrass/make fun of somebody for liking/still liking the New Kids, though it kind of applies to a person’s preferences in general. Really? I’m from the school that celebrates a person for his/her individuality…if I weren’t an NK fan and I met someone like me, at my age, I’d genuinely think she was one of the coolest people I knew just because she’s not afraid to go against what’s socially accepted as “cool.” (more…)

Edited: January 31st, 2011