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somebody’s still talkin’ junk…

To be clear, this is a post I wanted to write long before the events in recent history that have brought at least one NK to the attention of celebrity-gossip-mongers. I want to start by getting right down to the heart of things: isn’t there a statute of limitations for talking shit? Isn’t nearly 25 years plenty of time for… Read more →

i’m livin’ swell, and now you wanna be down?!

I really need/want to get this off my chest, and yes…it involves some negativity. It’s not immature/jealous/”I-suck-at-sharing” negativity, exactly. You’ll see. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you shouldn’t read it. I leave the choice to you, hence this whole disclaimer in the first place. I think that getting this off my chest will allow me to move forward from it and be open-minded to the source of it all. Rather than letting it fester, I’m putting it out there, in hopes of working through it. If you’d rather keep the negativity away, I understand & respect that. Turn away now. Otherwise, read on, but you’ve been warned! Please don’t consider me a hater of any kind…that couldn’t be further from the truth… Read more →

…and a million sisters

You know what I love about “Five Brothers and a Million Sisters?” Well, everything. I love that Joe wrote a song about the way we love the New Kids, and the way they love us, and the way we all share a bond that is essentially inexplicable to the rest of the free world. It literally made me cry every… Read more →

baby, you make my dreams come true

Since I first wrote Life on the Block almost two years ago, a lot has changed. I didn’t really realize until recently how out of date the ending was. Every once in a while someone would comment (mostly on Twitter or Facebook) that they hope I get to meet the rest of the guys or something, and I’d realize it needs an update. Well, this is finally it! (Thanks to the personal story contest at Glamour magazine, I had to actually edit the thing & am motivated to set the record straight!) Read more →